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About Us

Mythiko is a boutique independent publisher, with a special focus on the publication of quality children's books. Our name is based on the Greek word meaning mythical. 

We are strong believers that storytime can be educational as well as fun!

About our
- Authors and Illustrators -
- Elena Joannides, Author -

Elena is an author who is passionate about story telling. She has a vivid imagination and was inspired by Greek mythology as a child. She believes that story time should be as much fun for adults as for children!

For more information visit: 

- Margherita Ende, Illustrator -

Margherita is a talented illustrator and storyboard artist from Italy. She attended the Istituto Statale d'Arte and also graduated from the International School of Comics of Padua.⁠ Her style is colourful, quirky and full of character!

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